It was just a bit of fun… Now she’s fighting for her life.
“…this gripping thriller is going to leave a mark. Breaking free from the mundane has never been so life-threatening. I’m mightily impressed.” Gerard Brennan.
Meeting a stranger in a bar; Alice grabs a rare opportunity to reinvent herself and quickly slips out of her tedious ‘married-with-two-kids’ life and into a new, more exciting life with Jonny.
But, what starts out as a bit of fun quickly turns sour as her true identity starts to unravel and she realises there are dangerous consequences when you cheat on ‘Mr Mundane!’

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When the Mask Falls by Caroline O’Breackin

First Published May 2018

Signed Paperback

ISBN: 978-1-9996445-0-5

352 Pages

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