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My First Post!

For my first blog post I would like to have a little rant about the insanity of social media, I know I need it and now I have it, but why does it all have to be so flipping complicated. I sign up for twitter – great, then I sign up for Instagram – still good, I link my Facebook and Twitter to my Instagram and that’s where things start to go awry! Anyway, I waded through the tick boxes and permission requests, confirmed phone number and emails, checked, unchecked, and then re-checked tick boxes and through the grace of luck stuff now works, or so it seems, and as long as I don’t sneeze, hopefully it will remain that way!

Got my website working too, evidenced by the fact that you are reading this post on it! That was a drama too, the last time I made a website you just downloaded some free software, made a page, entered your server details and voilà, you had a live website. Not anymore it seems, nowadays you have to buy hosting to get the free software – no good if you already have access to free hosting on your own server, still scratched my head, uttered a grumpy word, or two and an hour later my partner had it all figured out, and am pretty happy with the result.

All in all an unnecessarily stressful weekend, thank goodness I can get back to the relevant job of creating a final-final draft of my When the Mask Falls, although I think I may have taken my internet fatigue out on the first chapter quite harshly as it hit the bin within minutes of starting – that may have been a little heavy handed, I will have to reconsider that decision in a little more detail over the coming days, although if it is to stay it really needs a lot of time spent on it, definitely not my best work as it stands.

Extreme editing aside, and presuming I will have something long enough to publish by the end of this apparently ruthless process, I will need a cover for the book and my mind has been distracted by that over the last few days. I have had a few ideas which I have been mulling over, and which I will be discussing with my favourite photographer over the next week or so, so very much looking forward to that and seeing what he comes up with. Am considering whether I should volunteer to be in the picture or not – would certainly save a few quid on a model, but the question remains as to whether that is a good idea or not, too vain maybe, what do you think?



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